When I Was Your Age - SOLD

Reserve For: $5,000.00

Connor Liljestrom 

When I Was Your Age - 2020.  SOLD

Oil and oil media on linen

Height 67" x Width 79"


In order to secure a piece for a 48 hour inquiry period, a deposit of $5,000 is required. This amount is refundable in the event a particular piece is not suitable.


“The title is particularly important in this one. It is called When I Was Your Age and it addresses the ongoing generational rift that is sometimes exposed in certain conversations where you hear that cliché phrase, “When I was your age...” and “This is the way the world was." Clearly we are not in a static world and there are dynamic changes that happen over time, but there are also things that seem enduring and everlasting. With this piece I’m addressing both of those things. There is a contemporary flair and presence in this piece where in some ways it feels very new and young and fresh, but in others, both this figure and the palate, there is a sense of a time past or maybe somewhat of a dying breed. I am using this piece as a platform for people to think about that. Perhaps inspiring a conversation with someone that represents that generational difference to them, or think on what those relationships are in their lives. It’s one that serves that purpose for me in terms of thinking what has come before me and the place that I am currently in.” 

- Connor Liljestrom, artist

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