Twitty Brothers - Diptych

Reserve For: $11,750.00

Connor Liljestrom

The Twitty Brothers - 2020

Diptych - Each painting measures:

A Lover With An Easy Touch - 72" x 48"
A Man With A Slow Hand - 72" x 48"

Oil and mixed oil medium on linen


In order to secure a piece for a 48 hour inquiry period, a deposit of $5,000 is required. This amount is refundable in the event a particular piece is not suitable.

The Twitty Brothers are a diptych. Individually they are A Lover With an Easy Touch and A Man With a Slow Hand. It’s referencing the Conway Twitty song, Slow Hand, that for me was a pensive song about what kind of intimate partner I would want to be for someone. This is a diptych that has been kicking around in the back of my mind for a few years. Since I initially thought of it while listening to that song in the studio, it seemed to me I needed the juxtaposition of guns and flowers,  -  two ends of the spectrum of the same person. They can be one and the same; the very hard side of a person and the very soft side of a person. I wanted to have both of these figures similarly configured. They’re different, but having them visually illustrate the opposing sides of a very masculine, independent figure, you can manifest the flowers and the guns and what both are saying. I think it’s important for a man to have both sides and be willing and able to portray that harder side and also share that more tender side. Although it’s a bit cliché, I do find that the visual illustration of this does address what I’m trying to say. Both are equally relevant in terms of the type of person you embody as you move through the world.”

- Connor Liljestrom, artist

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