Sleeping Indian I - Limited Edition Print - SOLD


Connor Liljestrom

Sleeping Indian I - 2020 SOLD OUT

Limited Edition Print  - Printed on luxe Velvet Rag

Height 54" x Width 44"


This piece is making its local debut as an original oil and mixed oil media on linen as well as a mural in Jackson Hole.

Sleeping Indian I is named as such because it’s the first in a series I would like to do in order to continually revisit the form of Sleeping Indian, the nickname for Sheep Mountain located in Jackson Hole. This is an iconic mountain silhouette. It's the  type of main form that derives its name from a profile view of an Indian sleeping in a headdress that feathers out. In this piece I am both speaking to the geography of my home in Jackson as well as the western iconography that has to do with stylized Native American stories and folklore. Additionally I want to address some of the things that have been inappropriately adopted and used in Hollywood and otherwise commodified such as the headdress and the spaghetti western style of movie, where those types of Native dress have been inappropriately shown. This is a cause for concern, but in this painting I’m trying to speak to both the commodification of culture that isn’t ours, and offer the suggestion that this isn’t a subject that can’t be approached, but rather it can be approached with a little more thought and reverence."

- Connor Liljestrom, artist

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