Raven Lore - SOLD

Reserve For: $2,000.00

Connor Liljestrom 

Raven Lore - 2020        SOLD

Oil and mixed oil media on paper

47" x 44"          This piece is set in black floating frame.


In order to secure a piece for a 48 hour inquiry period, a deposit of $2,000 is required. This amount is refundable in the event a particular piece is not suitable.


Raven Lore, is a work on paper. This paper is made in France and the quality of paint this paper takes allows me to work a little differently than I might on linen. It's attributes change my typical process and lets me say something a little bit different with color and with the marks and surface quality. This piece both speaks about surface quality and the actual presence of paint and what that looks like, but also about the ravens themselves. As an icon, they are steeped deeply in lore. Particularly in our locale, the raven is considered to be a messenger. It’s a messenger to the afterlife and also a trickster and is generally regarded in many different native oral traditions of story as very intelligent, and very important figures in an ecosystem.  I am evoking the content that those characters have in this work while also using their forms to express a presence of paint applied to surface.” 

- Connor Liljestrom, artist

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