Good Soldier - SOLD

Reserve For: $5,000.00

Connor Liljestrom 

Good Soldier - 2020

Oil and mixed oil media on linen

Height 76" x Width 92"


In order to secure a piece for a 48 hour inquiry period, a deposit of $5,000 is required. This amount is refundable in the event a particular piece is not suitable.

"Good Soldier" is a reference to the African-American trooped regiments formed in the US Army in the 19th century. Nicknamed Buffalo soldiers, these Union troops fought for the lives and freedom of themselves, loved ones, fellow men, and those to come after them. In that, a parallel is drawn to the fight waged against the American Bison during westward expansion. The near-extinction level slaughter the species was exposed to during westward expansion is staggering. The hand print on the bison’s flank represents the echoes of the decisions made in that time and the ongoing conservation efforts necessary since
 - Connor Liljestrom, artist

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