Caballero en Azul - SOLD

Reserve For: $15,850.00

Connor Liljestrom 

Caballero en Azul - 2020 SOLD

Oil and mixed oil media on linen

Height 72" x Width:60"


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“This piece was an explosion of inspiration coming off of my first visit to Mexico City where I got to spend a few days in the Rufino Tamayo Museum. He’s an incredible painter, and a very notable inspiration of mine, so getting to see his work for the first time in person was special. He has a collection of approximately twelve pieces that are considered representative of his mature body of work and direction as an artist. I sat in that room for hours just looking at the pieces they had assembled. It was one of the more inspiring personal moments I’ve had in art so far. Coming back from that trip I was craving just being able to paint like him and try his hand out. That is represented by a heavier hand with paint than I would traditionally go to, especially early on in layers for a piece. This was a very free feeling moment of expression for me coming from a very rich place in terms of art, culture and color that felt very good to release. I wasn’t able to create while I was in Mexico City, so coming back and being able to let this out was really refreshing and it happened very quickly. Both in the hand that I used as well as the title, there is reference to Rufino Tamayo who’s a very important figure to me.”

- Connor Liljestrom, artist

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