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Joy Kruse - Artist Statement

I love to play with fire. Being a bit of a pyromaniac is a trait of many metal smiths. I like to mix fire, metal, and stone, which by accident or design makes me a jeweler. Largely self-taught, I enjoy making the entire piece down to the smallest component.

I am by education an RN. For sixteen years I worked as both a jeweler and an RN. After 20 years of being in the nursing field, I made the decision to give up my career in the medical field. I miss being a nurse, but I love being a full time jeweler.

My inspiration often comes in list-formed thoughts that I write down. It’s a very organic process. New creative designs are never good if the ideas are forced. I have always kept a very disorganized journal of these thoughts. The process of writing things down is a method of capturing ideas. That messy record of randomness flows out of my fingertips and into a sheet of silver or gold. 

Other inspiration comes from what I am surrounded by: the outdoors, kids, birds, flowers, flowing water, dirt, rocks, trees, religion and religious symbols, history, biology, and science. Design is everywhere.