In the Press: Range Magazine

Range, is Jackson Hole’s premiere magazine about the area’s architecture, design, style, and art. A piece in their summer 2020 issue, a featured a planned remodel that had to be stopped due to major issues with the home's foundation. Rather than do the major foundational work needed to expand the footprint of their home, the owners chose to maximize their sweeping views and modernize their interior layout. Local interior designer, Kate Binger, founder of Dwelling, was up to the task. In the process, she chose an oil painting by artist, Connor Liljestrom, to bring color and texture to the home's dining area. Range magazine shared:

The painting, Stick ‘em Up, is by Jackson-born artist Connor Liljestrom, whom Binger’s assistant discovered at one of the Art Association Art Fairs last summer. “He uses western icons and creates his own modern take on them, and then infuses them with abstraction and vibrant colors. To me, his compositions have a lot of depth,”
- Kate Binger, Interior Designer & Founder, Dwelling, quoted in Range